Thursday, 1 December 2011

Described the charateristic a university student should posses to be a successful.

       Nowdays, many student that finished their SPM and STPM continue their studies at local or international university. It because university are suitable place to make their future getting better and get a good career. Situation at university are different with situation at secondary school, because at university we must more struggle to successful. There are many characteristic a university student should posses to be a successful. 

       Among the features for successful university students are always praying to God before we learn or do something. Pray is one feature that is often dealt with by any successful university students. Prayer is one of the keys to success that must be available in all students. With pray, we do something with confidence and have the spirit to implement it and the pray that is made must be supported by efforts to achieve success.

       Second is, know to manage time. We also know that time is gold and very meaningful in life. Thus, university students should be wise in managing your time well and balanced. University students must know the right time to study, relax the mind and time for sports. When we do not know how to manage time well, we probably would waste their precious time to learn. Many university students who are unable to continue their study is because of poor time management. As an example of good time management is to make learning timetable or schedule.

       Study group is one of the characteristics of successful students. Study group can be done at anytime and anywhere. Study group also enables us to solve difficult problem by simply discussing with other friends. Study groups can prevent us from getting stress. This is because when we make a study group, we should not directly to study but have the time that we can have a fun with friends to relieve the pressure to study. Compared with the study alone, we give up easily when not able to complete the work and often face pressure to study. For example, make a study group to difficult subject or not understood when the final exam approaches.

       In a conclusion, characteristic a university student should posses to be a successful is a always pray to god, know to manage the time, and always make a study group. If all this always we do and become part of yourself, we will easy to successful and make your own future become fine and get a good career. We hope next generation will follow this characteristic to be a successful and become a country leader.

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